Based in Curaçao, Aurore is an Dutch Artist specializing in Colourful Portraits and Commissioned Portrait Paintings

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“My portraits create moments in which beautiful memories and stories are told that are important to pass on, from man to man and generation to generation.”

art by aurore

I believe that a personal painting can touch people at their core (soul). That is why I paint colourful portraits of exceptional people. Portraits that invite you to think about the person who is in the centre and about the story he or she has to tell.Based on that thought I bring the person portrayed closer to the spectator. My portraits show who someone is or was and make the spectator be touched. For just a moment, the person portrayed becomes a vivid memory, someone with a story. A story that is worth passing on.








"my mission is to share a piece of personal history with the viewer and that they take it with them, into their own future."